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Dennis M. Saumier, Attorney

Dennis M. Saumier received his bachelor degree in economics at the University of South Florida.  He received his J.D. at Tulane University, also receiving a Certificate in European Legal Studies.  Dennis’ interest in European studies stems from the time he lived in Germany while serving in the United States Army.

Dennis’ first trial was the defense of a commercial lease dispute.  Despite the opposing counsel being licensed when Dennis was only four years old and being board certified in real estate law, after several days of trial, Dennis won for his client.  Dennis has presided over hundreds of cases since that first trial (most of them family law cases), and he is always result-oriented.

Dennis has an old fashioned sense of honor and approaches each case with respect, discipline, and integrity.  Dennis’s history is in both civil litigation and family law, but over the years family law has become more than ninety percent of his practice.  His experience in civil litigation is a great asset to his family law clients.  Dennis has extensive experience in all aspects of family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, adoptions, protective orders, enforcement, grandparent access, interstate custody disputes, complex property division, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.  Dennis often says, “The difference between family law and civil litigation is in civil litigation there is a winner and a loser, in family law nobody wins, but I still hate to lose,” and his clients rarely do.

Dennis understands the emotional toll a family law case has on a client and works to resolve matters amicably when possible. However, if the case cannot be worked out, he will zealously represent his client’s interests in court.  Dennis has never needed to file an appeal following a trial for a family law client, but he has represented clients in the appellate courts filed by the opposing side following victories at trial.  He has not lost a family law case on appeal, including, in one case, obtaining for his client a near 100% award of the community estate*.

Prior to creating his own firm, Dennis created and headed the family law section for nearly nine years at his prior firm, and was a partner in a boutique family law firm.  Dennis is a member of the Texas Bar Family Law Section, the Dallas Bar Association, including the Dallas Bar Family Law Section, and the Texas Family Law Foundation.

Dennis has been married over fifteen years, and he and his wife are blessed with a daughter. Dennis coaches his daughter’s fourth-grade volleyball team. Following his wife’s battle with breast cancer, his wife and he co-founded 30WALK, a non-profit organization that raises breast cancer awareness in the community, provides means for preventive measures for women and girls, and raises money for breast cancer research.

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* The opposing counsel claimed Dennis did secure his client 100% of the community estate, but he was allowed to keep his clothes, separate property and a few personal items.